After getting the windshield fixed yesterday we headed to Nocona, Texas to visit my Great Aunt Tootsie!

She is the youngest of 11 children and the last one living. She has spent her whole life in Nocona (population 3,003) and knows just about everything about the people and the town.

After dinner she drove us around town to show us the Christmas lights and catch us up on town gossip. It was wonderful to see her and get to spend some quality time with her.

Before leaving town I stopped by my grandparents final resting place and paid my respects. It was an emotional moment in the fog and rain but I’m glad I stopped.


Broken glass and a cloudy morning

“If this is the worst thing to happen to me today, then it is going to be a good day.”

When traveling it is important to keep a positive attitude. Like really important.

Especially when you have to get your windshield replaced because of a 6 inch crack that spread to a 12 inch crack and is now around 18 inches long.

No worries though! This slight inconvience allows me extra time to spend with my amazing cousins, Taylor and Jordan.

After Memphis (which is a totally cool town) we headed to Fayetteville, Arkansas via backroads. Arkansas is a beautiful state and Fayetteville is just lovely. The town twists and turns through hills and has a small town feel even though it is a rather large city.

Taylor and Jordan gave us a quick driving tour last night and this place is beautiful, especially at night. The town went all out with Christmas lights and good golly I’ve never seen so many lights.

If I had seen this place before I had seen Athens, I might have headed this direction for school. Yea, it’s that cool here.

I’m at the Safelight glass place, Taylor is on his way to pick me up for breakfast.

A broken windshield is just part of the adventure.

He’s so dreamy!

Jess and I just visited the home of one of my favorite musical talents, Elvis Presley. Graceland is absolutely wonderful and a must-see if you’re near Memphis.
The tour of the mansion is a bit pricey ($27 for students) but worth every penny. Elvis was a cool dude and after getting the full history of who he was and the legacy he left behind I have a lot more respect for the man, the legend and the music.

Fun fact: Elvis’s favorite sandwich was peanut butter and banana! Yum!

We are now sitting at a coffee shop in downtown Memphis and are going to walk around the infamous Beale Street before heading to Arkansas for a visit with my cousins.

Abraham Lincoln

Yesterday was a long driving day spent in Kentucky. We saw some beautiful countryside, horses galore and took the tour of Abraham Lincoln’s family history.

Originally we wanted to take a tour of a  burbon distillery, but we had a late start to the day. Instead, we unintentionally saw the home where Lincoln’s mother grew up, where his family lived in Kentucky and the town where his parents were married. I say unintentionally because we were simply looking for his birthplace. We eventually found it, but alas it was after closing time and it was pitch black out. He was born in a cabin in the woods and in true adventure fashion we climbed over the small fence blocking the entrance to the park and started the trek to see his birthplace. I mean, we spent all darn day looking for it and I wanted to see it. Turns out we couldn’t see anything in the darkness of the forest, but it was a fun and historical side trip nonetheless.

On the road again

I am driving cross country… again.

I’ve been living in LA for 3 months without a car and decided to fly to Ohio, pick up my friend Jessica and drive the southern route back to LA.

I’ll be blogging via cell phone this time, so more text than photos! Hurray!

We are an hour into the trip and headed towards Makers Mark distillery for a quick tour, then we’re off to see Abe Lincoln’s birthplace or something. It was on the way, I should probably find out exactly what it is. Then we are going to try to hit Memphis for some shenanigans.

Stay tuned for updates as I make a second trip across country.

Oh my!

I would like to extend the most formal of apologies to anyone who has been patiently awaiting updates from us. We are terrible bloggers and terrific procrastinators.

So, in the past few weeks a lot has happened. Here is the short list:

– We made it to California!!

– When we were 15 minutes away from our final destination (Ms. Lee’s house) our back drivers side tire went all flat on us. In a construction zone. While I was driving. Needless to say we stopped 6 lanes of LA traffic upon our arrival.

– We stayed with Ms. Lee and her family for a week! We were in Pasadena, which is right outside of LA, so we got to know the area a wee bit

– After the week with the Lee family we headed over to Katie’s family’s house. Uncle Chris and Aunt Patty (Patti?) were nice enough to let us stay in one of the bedrooms in their house for a month. (Separate post on that tomorrow)

– We found an apartment!

– We live there now! (Photos soon!)

– We are still unemployed!

That about sums it up. We’ve seen some of the more touristy stuff around here, but really all we do is apply for jobs, see the free sights and try to think of cheap food we can make at home. Like quesadillas. Yum!

I’m going to post the rest of the trip photos eventually. It is quite the task to put all the images on here with captions. But I’ll get it done! I also plan on blogging more about our adventures out here. The blog shouldn’t stop because we made it to LA. Adventures never stop.

Happy Tuesday! Check for a new post tomorrow!

Day 10!

I really loved Dixie Forest and Bryce Canyon. The array of colors are spectacular: giant orange rocks set against green flora. The magnificence of the canyon causes people to be quiet and reflect. It’s truly amazing. There were quite a few French tourists at Bryce. I thought it was cool that they were able to experience such an amazing part of the US. I think Americans forget Continue reading

Day 9!

Kacey and I decided to stop by Old Faithful on our way out of Yellowstone. An obese chipmunk sat upright behind the boardwalk filled with tourists patiently waiting for Old faithful to erupt. The geyser erupts 3,000 to 8,000 feet in the air about every ten minutes. I think its funny how predictable it is. As if it knows it’s a major attraction. Continue reading

Mount Rushmore

Dense forest on the narrow winding road to the top. (Photo by Katie Frasier)

Love this shot, makes the woods look spooky! (Photo by Katie Frasier)

It was super sunny out and we forgot our sunglasses. We're making our "pretty faces".

Mount Rushmore wasn't my favorite place. I think it cheapens how beautiful the area is and is disrespectful to the Lakota Sioux who claim the land as sacred.

Katie in front of the monument.

I like awkward photos.