Who is Katie?

Katie is a Midwestern lady born from the wooded loins of Ohio. She loves to travel and has been to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Thailand and for a very brief nerve racking time Burma. She strongly believes empathy is the first step towards curing many social ills. Some of her favorite hobbies include people watching, cartooning and speed walking at the mall. Ok, maybe not that last one but definitely the first two. If she had a superpower it would be teleportation like Nightcrawler so that she could leave uncomfortable situations very quickly.


4 responses

  1. Seriously love this description, Katie. How are you able to use such perfect words to describe the perfect you? your superpower is amazing!

  2. Awkward moments are the best =) hmm I think I would have the superpower to either fly or miraculously make food appear out of thin air haha

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