Aunt Patty and Uncle Chris

When we first set off on our adventure, we had no plan in place for when we got here. We thought having a place to stay for a week or two would lend us enough time to find a place to live permanently. We were wrong. Oops. Live and learn I guess. Here is what happened. Continue reading


Oh my!

I would like to extend the most formal of apologies to anyone who has been patiently awaiting updates from us. We are terrible bloggers and terrific procrastinators.

So, in the past few weeks a lot has happened. Here is the short list:

– We made it to California!!

– When we were 15 minutes away from our final destination (Ms. Lee’s house) our back drivers side tire went all flat on us. In a construction zone. While I was driving. Needless to say we stopped 6 lanes of LA traffic upon our arrival.

– We stayed with Ms. Lee and her family for a week! We were in Pasadena, which is right outside of LA, so we got to know the area a wee bit

– After the week with the Lee family we headed over to Katie’s family’s house. Uncle Chris and Aunt Patty (Patti?) were nice enough to let us stay in one of the bedrooms in their house for a month. (Separate post on that tomorrow)

– We found an apartment!

– We live there now! (Photos soon!)

– We are still unemployed!

That about sums it up. We’ve seen some of the more touristy stuff around here, but really all we do is apply for jobs, see the free sights and try to think of cheap food we can make at home. Like quesadillas. Yum!

I’m going to post the rest of the trip photos eventually. It is quite the task to put all the images on here with captions. But I’ll get it done! I also plan on blogging more about our adventures out here. The blog shouldn’t stop because we made it to LA. Adventures never stop.

Happy Tuesday! Check for a new post tomorrow!