Day 9!

Kacey and I decided to stop by Old Faithful on our way out of Yellowstone. An obese chipmunk sat upright behind the boardwalk filled with tourists patiently waiting for Old faithful to erupt. The geyser erupts 3,000 to 8,000 feet in the air about every ten minutes. I think its funny how predictable it is. As if it knows it’s a major attraction. Continue reading


Mount Rushmore

Dense forest on the narrow winding road to the top. (Photo by Katie Frasier)

Love this shot, makes the woods look spooky! (Photo by Katie Frasier)

It was super sunny out and we forgot our sunglasses. We're making our "pretty faces".

Mount Rushmore wasn't my favorite place. I think it cheapens how beautiful the area is and is disrespectful to the Lakota Sioux who claim the land as sacred.

Katie in front of the monument.

I like awkward photos.

Day 7!

Today we traveled from Rapid City to Yellowstone. The land was flat and all of a sudden we could see mountains in the distance. I drove up the side of a mountain! Cautiously, Bernice towed us and all of our possession up 7,000 feet on a winding two lane road. We passed a logging truck on our way up. I couldn’t imagine driving that on such steep narrow roads. I hope they get paid extra. Before entering Yellowstone, we stopped by Mount Rushmore. Continue reading

Day 6!

From Omaha, Kacey and I continued north to Rapid City, South Dakota. The landscape went from cornfields to grassy rolling hills. We stopped at a “ghost town” which turned out to be a kitschy little spot with old storefronts along a dirt road. However, the view was amazing. It over looked miles of untouched grassland that had a stream running through it and a single ancient barn standing off to the side. When we stepped out if the car, the silence was almost deafening. Continue reading

Camping photos

Katie and I have realized something very important during our adventures: we are not campers.

We enjoy the great outdoors just as much as the next person, but smelling like firewood, hearing wolves and coyotes not far from camp and sleeping on the cold (32 degree) ground is not our idea of the best times. I’d love to go camping again with an air mattress and see how we fare… and with a fire starter of some sort. It took us a while to get our fires going, but when we did they were awesome! We made soup and vegetables and even toast. How’s that for first timers?

We are very proud of our fire making abilities. Katie is the pro at getting them started, I just like to throw more stuff on to burn!

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Day 5!

We had a bit of a rough morning….So last night we arrived in Evansville exhausted. We had crossed over our first time zone which made it seem later than it was. The car had half a tank of gas and we didn’t stop to fill up on the way in. In the morning after a good nights rest, we got turned around again and Teddy the gps led us into a corn field to die.
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The Badlands, South Dakota

South Dakota was quite possibly the prettiest place we have driven through and one of my favorites. From sunflowers to the Rapid City area it was all picturesque and I might have had a bit of a photo frenzy. We stayed with my family’s friends, the Duncans. Stephanie, the daughter, is my age and we have been tight since elementary school. I didn’t get to see her this trip, she’s doing the grown up thing and working in another city. Click “more” to see photos of The Badlands!

(L-R) Kenny, Kacey and Susan! The Duncans are in Omaha, Nebraska and it was so nice to see them again. The Bruces and the Duncans have been friends for well over a decade. Kenny and my brother Logan are the same age and Stephanie and I are the same age. Seeing "family" you haven't seen in a while is the best part about traveling, even if it is a bit short.

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Sunflower fields!

A few years ago my family and I took a cross country trip in France; we drove from Paris down to the Mediterranean Sea near the Spanish border. On the way I saw fields and fields of sunflowers. It was awesome. So, imagine my surprise and how excited I was to see just as many happy sunflower fields in the U.S.!

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Day 4!

The mountains through Durham, North Carolina to Evansville, Indiana were stunning. I love seeing rocky hillsides with trees and shrubs growing up out of them. This was our first big driving day – 10 hours!  Our route took us right through Nashville, Tennessee where my sister Cheryl and her family lives. I didn’t think we would be able to see her but the timing worked out perfectly. We stopped by their beautiful home and visited for a couple hours. They treated us to some of the most delicious Mexican food which might not have best choice… Continue reading