Katie and I have been busy these days! She started a new job at Universal working in the park and even though its not the job she planned on getting I’m sure she’ll love it. Working at places like that is always a blast, even if you do come home exhausted. She is also working on a freelance gig, busy busy!

Good thing Katie’s mom is here for 2 weeks to help her get through this new crazy job she has! Ms Frasier flew in on Friday and so far she is loving it here! While Katie is at work today I’m going to take her to Santa Monica Pier and beach.

I also have started a new job. I now am a web designer and social media ninja (their title for me) for a locally owned and operated company that currently has its warehouse/offices in El Segundo.

Well, I’m off to the beach! Happy Sunday!


Back to normal

After two weeks of vacation spent in Austin and all over the US I am glad to be back in my little Koreatown apartment. The trip was fantastic and I had a wonderful time with my amazing friend and I couldn’t have made the trip without her.

My car, Cricket, is running fine and is happily parked in the garage across the street. Everything is unloaded and today I will start unpacking. Yesterday Katie and I gave Jessica a quick tour of LA. We ate In and Out Burger (a west coast must), chilled on the beach for a bit (it doesn’t feel like December here), got stuck in traffic and ended our evening with some tea at a cute little place a few blocks away from the apartment.

I’ll upload some photos from our trip later today or tomorrow. Also, if you want to hear about any of our stops in more detail, leave a note in the comments and I’ll be sure to post something on it.

Two cross country trips in 4 months? No problem. I’m already planning my next adventure.

Bulldogs and Cricket

I just dropped my car off with Chris, owner of Bulldog Emergency Auto Repair. The exhaust is going to cost me a little under $300 to repair and it will be ready in 3 hours.

This trip has set me back a bit more than expected due to auto repairs. Know anyone who needs a website? I’m officially open for business and would love to have you as a client.


Yesterday Jess and I made a quick stop in Roswell, New Mexico and checked out the UFO museum. It was interesting to read about what happened and the testimonials from the time, but it was a lot of reading. By the time we got through all the exhibits I felt like I had read a book.

There was also tons of fan art. And everyone we talked to had an alien type story. It was a fun side trip and made for some good laughs. Definitely worth the stop if you’re ever in the area.

Now we’re in the car heading to Phoenix, my childhood city.